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PrimeArdour Systems has considerable experience in engineering design and systems integration for broadcast facilities including;

  • Video and Audio Post Production facilities 
  •  Transmission Suites 
  •  TV Graphics Preparation facilities 
  •  Production Studios 
  •  Terrestrial Transmission Systems 
  •  Satellite Distribution and DTH transmission systems 
  •  Software Systems 
  •  Television studio buildings including air conditioning and electrical systems 
Engineering.JPG​We offer our clients the following engineering services;
  • Conduct requirement studies and write requirements specifications 
  • Assistance as required with the selection of additional engineers and installation staff. 
  • Design & write the procedures to develop enhance or correct systems 
  • Support the project manager by preparing reports and documentation for proposals, manpower, budget, timescale and electrical / mechanical design. 
  • Based on the proposal prepare a bill of materials for the project. 
  • Selecting and obtaining quotes for the equipment on the Bill of Materials 
  • Ergonomics and console drawings
  • Preparing detailed CAD drawings and cable schedules 
  • Installation commissioning and debugging 
  • Equipment Acceptance Tests 
  • Submit completed work for Quality Control Review 

We have expertise in related areas such as;

  • Ergonomics and console layouts 
  • Power
  • Lighting
  • Computer networks 
  • Air-conditioning
FURNITURE DESIGN.jpg​We enjoy a good relationship with TV equipment manufacturers and systems integration contractors and are able to recommend equipment or services from the supplier who best meets the needs and budget of the client. As the majority of our work is outside New Zealand overseas travel is not a problem. Please contact Grant Allan for further information or references.