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Broadcast Project Management

Large projects often require the services of a dedicated project manager as a representative of either the system integrators or the client. The project manager co-ordinates the activities of the systems integration team subcontractors, architects, builders and equipment suppliers to ensure that the facility is delivered on time and on budget.

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PrimeArdour Systems have project management experience in the following areas;

  • Video and Audio Post Production facilities 
  • Transmission Suites 
  • TV Graphics Preparation facilities 
  • Production Studios 
  • Terrestrial Transmission Systems 
  • Satellite Distribution and DTH transmission systems 
  • Air Time Sales & Media Management Projects 
  • Television studio buildings including air conditioning and electrical systems 
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Our project management services include;

  • Interpreting operational requirements to prepare a project plan and allocate financial and human resources to that plan. 
  • Co-ordinate feasibility study reports 
  • Scheduling projects to meet the timescale and budget 
  • Maintain liaison with the client through regular meetings to ensure that the project continues to meet their requirements as it progresses. 
  • Co-ordination of project staff and contractors to resolve integration issues while meeting operational requirements.
  • Assemble and disseminate reports on the current status of the assigned project. 
  • Co-operating with the finance department of the client to ensure purchases and other financial commitments are presented in a manner which permit reconciliation with budget and simplify asset management.
  • Contractor and Broadcast Systems staff oversight, to include monitoring work activities, interpreting feedback, counseling execution of the projects. 
  • Manage quality assurance and commissioning of the project.

 We enjoy a good relationship with TV equipment manufacturers and systems integration contractors and are able to recommend equipment or services from the supplier who best meets the needs and budget of the client. As the majority of our work is outside New Zealand overseas travel is not a problem. Please contact Grant Allan for further information or references.